League of Hot Geeks

                       Welcome Geeks and Geekettes

  LoHG's is an organization created by Geekpin Entertainment that represents geeks all
  over the world. Back in the day geeks were supposedly losers and something to be
  ashamed of.  But here we're all awesome and don't have to be ashamed of being a
  geek. Our mission is to unite the hottest geeks and best cosplayers around the world.
  We also do reviews, news, promotions, cover cons and other geeky events. 

  In geek term:

  Geeks are like mutants to non geeks (a.k.a. the haters)

  The League of Hot Geeks are like the X-Men @ the JLA level

  The prophecies have spoken. Geeks will be the most awesomeness people that existed
  and  that time is now. Like a good friend of my said, "The Geek Shall inherit the Earth."  
  (Transrouse 3:16). True story.